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Default Self Introduction

Hello everyone,
My name is Jamie. I live in the US and rediscovered air gunning when messy neighbors moved in next door to my mom's home. I started out with a Benjamin Marauder then bought an HW100 and had it tuned by Allan Zasadny. He did a wonderful job of making a very accurate repeater that is quiet enough to use in urban areas for rat elimination. I teamed this rifle up with a Pulsar N550 and a tin of JSB Heavy pellets. A hand full of bird seed at the foot of my shed door and I'm set for a night of entertainment.

The HW 100 so far has been a great gun with the exception of a seal issue that Allan gladly repaired for me. It is no problem shooting flies, yellow jackets and the occasional weed that grows out of place at 20 yards.

Take care and be safe.
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