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Originally Posted by MattJP View Post
Care to share those tips?
I'm glad you had a good experience at the Worlds. Nice job in the competition!
It's tough to type them down on paper, as I learned by receiving tips during shooting.

Fundamentally though, you can't just 'follow your windicator' as is often the approach for shooting powder burners.

You have to read what's going on further down range. I believe that the last 1/3rd of the distance is critical, as the pellet has slowed quite a bit and thus spends more time in this section of air.

Use the target string (something I NEVER did before) it'll tell you a bit.

Use other people's misses as a hint.
Use the lane's natural surroundings to see what's going on.

For example: one lane in NZ (I think it was White 20?) it was a long 45m+ shot over a pond, and there were a corpse of trees about 30m in front of me, off to the right. I held up the target string, but it didn't 'bow' in any significant way (that I could tell at least, but I'm a newbie) and my windicator was showing a right-to-left wind. Okay I thought, I'll aim to the right. Then I noticed that the target string, while sitting on top of the water was making an 'S' curve - the wind was blowing it to the left near me, but blowing it to the RIGHT closer to the target. I thought "what the heck, I'll aim to the LEFT even though the wind AT me is blowing that way!" and the target fell!

I quickly came to the conclusion that I need a LOT more practice in the wind... but the ONLY club that is within a 4 hour dive has next to NO wind. On a 'gusty' day, it's 5mph... I NEED to find a farm to shoot at!

Hope this helps!
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