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Ok, great thanks MF.

I have news too. After hunting around the forums, perhaps rather emotionally as it was unseen, I pulled the trigger and purchased the rifle of my childhood dreams yesterday. It was delivered today and is sat in front of me smiling as I write this...

I found a mint Theoben Rapid 7 Mk2 Anschutz at a price I'm comfortable with. I've not even put a pellet through it yet and I'm already in love!

Spec for those interested is:
Theoben Rapid 7 Mark II Anschutz .22 (pushing out at 11.5 ft/lbs over chrono at last test)
Full Kev G tune
Threaded barrel bites into a 16" custom Steve Pegg silencer (super quiet)
Custom bolt handle (comfortable, although this I may change)
Bipod (Harris?)
12 shot mag, 400cc bottle
Hawke Eclipse 3-9x40

I'm keen to know more about it's history. 011336 printed on the action under the scope (forgive me if that's not the right term) which I assume is the serial number. Can anyone tell me more, eg when made etc?

I look forward to getting familiar with her!
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