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Originally Posted by Stevenjdowd View Post
I hear handpumps are less desirable than tanks as they can't clean the air the same and can create moisture build up in the cylinder. Is this right? Is a tank best for rifle hygiene/longevity?
Yes mate....and you will soon get fed up of the hassle/energy required. the newer pumps aren't as bad for moisture but there's a reason why most use bottles.

I agree with your thinking about HFT helping with your hunting skills. Although there's no alternative to having good field craft, HFT is fantastic at teaching target ranging by eye. It will also teach you about how accurate an air rifle can be and how aim points change with elevation/range. For example, you would be amazed how many people zero at 35 yards and don't realise just how high the pellet climbs at 25 yards.
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