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Hi Steven, some good advice already but you don't specify what type of target shooting you fancy trying?. depending on whether you choose HFT or FT will greatly vary the type of scopes needed.

For example the Hawke that Gary (Scutter) mentioned will fit the bill if wanting to hunt and do some HFT but will not have a high enough magnification to range find for FT, the most popular HFT scope is the MTC 10x44 Viper. For FT you would need something with a minimum of 32 mag and decent optics which could run into 1000 for the scope alone.

I personally wouldn't go with the R10 or the Daystate and once again (can't quite believe it) agree with Gary that the HW100 is a superb bit of kit. For charging gear i would say go with a 7 litre 300 bar bottle is it gives the best balance between number of fills vs mobility.

get to a club will be worth it's weight in gold.
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