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Originally Posted by Stevenjdowd View Post
Newly entering the world of airgunning and looking for a great PCP rifle + glass set up that will get me in the weeds bunny-busting whilst able to target shoot effectively.

What should I be considering? ...guns, calibres, scope types/sizes, accessories, anything I'm not thinking about etc

I'm lucky enough to have a generous budget of 1000 but want to get the full rig for that. Look forward to your ideas. Rgs SD
first off GO TO A CLUB . do not buy anthing till you have . you go to a shop and they will sell you what THEY think you want . 1/ it has to be 177 if you wish to shoot any targets . as well as bunny bashing . 2/ if you buy an outfit . IE rifle , scope , bag , bottle and filler , you can get it cheaper BUT will it be what you really want ?. with the money you have . you could get a EV2 with a MK 111 nikko on top plus charging gear and bag . or a BIG BSA and a Pro sport . plus all the gear easily . the list goes on from there . one of the things to consider is getting it serviced . in SEFTA your area wayne does most of em at a good price . as said get your bum down to either springfield or ETL . springfield at chipping ongar way and ETL at tilbury . springfield is open 7 days a week . with a course out all the time .. on a farm as well so with permission , bunny bashing can be done . if you go to Sprinfield speak to Barry Mac . he will give you the gist of what goes on . don't listen to big Paul down there . ??? HOLLY

PS as it happens i will be there sunday if you wish to chat .
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