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Hello Bud.

Both the rifles you have mentioned are OK, but are a bit fragile. The Daystate's can be accurate, but due to their electronic nature they can not really be worked on and a service from Daystate is over 300 when you include the postage.

The R10mk2 is OK, however, for the money you have there is much more out avaliable.

Personally. I would go for a Weirauch Hw100, they are extremely accurate with German build quality, they are regulated and have the best magazine system on the market and are a bargain second hand.

As far as scopes are concerned, a great starting point is the MTC viper 10x44, this can be used for bunny bashing and competition and gives plenty of aim points, a large scope will give you a small depth of field and as you will only be hunting out to about 40 yards with a sub 12ftlb, then 10 mag max and a smaller objective is best. You can also look at a Hawke Panorama or Nite eye digital 3-12x50 half mill dot (Used by the current hft world champion) and about 150.

Caliber is a thorny question. If you fancy having a go at target shooting as well as bunny bashing then go for .177. A .177 will take a rabbit with ease. If you are only interested in hunting, then get a laser rangefinder and a .22.

Hope this helps

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