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Default NEFTA Hunter 2014 - Round 7 - Guiseley (Results)

NEFTA Hunter 2014 - Round 7 - Guiseley - 7th September, 2014

Full scores are available on the NEFTA Website

Final placings also available on the website for the 2014 series

1Chris CundeyEmley58
1Mick McTigheVisitor58
3Dave RamsheadVisitor57
3Glynn WaitonAnston57
5elliot comptonVisitor56
5Duane GraceEmley56
5Philip JohansenPontefract56
5Dave SmithAnston56
9Dean CorfieldPontefract55
9Marc PlattPontefract55
11Dave GallagherPontefract54
11Mark HurstAnston54
13Steven PearsonThorn Dell53
14Mark CrosslandEmley52
14Dan GilmartinAnston52
14Paul MonniezPontefract52
14Eric PearsonPontefract52
14Darren PercivalPontefract52
19Chris AsquithAnston51
19Graham CooperAnston51
21Zak CooperAnston50
22John LennardThorn Dell48
23Richard ShepherdYork47
24Phil GreenAnston44
24Stephen LittlefairThorn Dell44
26Bob YorkeGuiseley43
27Dave PickGuiseley42

1Andy CalpinAnston56
2Lee StevensPontefract54
3Steve BowersPontefract53
4Trevor RyanEmley52
5Warren EdwardsAnston51
6Andy MonniezPontefract50
7Simon HiltonPontefract49
8Dave JowettEmley48
9Adam LeesRedfearns47
9Phil PriceEmley47
11Paul CarruthersGuiseley46
11Glen WalshPontefract46
13Keith GilyardPontefract45
13Russell SteadPontefract45
15Russ SpencerAnston44
16Paul MaynardHull42
17Rob ListPontefract41
18Jack GraingeGuiseley40
18Roy JowettGuiseley40

1Paul LawrenceAnston55
2rob yorkeGuiseley51
3Jamie JacksonEmley50
4Mark PikeVisitor49
5Ivan MarsdenAnston48
6David LawrensonAnston46
6Chick McGowanPontefract46
8Mark StentonAnston43

Junior 9-13
1Katie LawrensonAnston42

Junior 14-16
1laurence bakerGuiseley46
2Blake LawrensonAnston39

1Paul HarbronThorn Dell45

Pistol ex 10
1Andy CalpinAnston9
1Mark HurstAnston9
3Stephen LittlefairThorn Dell8
3Ivan MarsdenAnston8
5Adam LeesRedfearns7
6Steve BowersPontefract6
6Graham CooperAnston6
6Paul LawrenceAnston6
6David LawrensonAnston6
6John LennardThorn Dell6
6Phil PriceEmley6
6Mark StentonAnston6
13Chris AsquithAnston5
13Chris CundeyEmley5
13Paul MaynardHull5
16Trevor RyanEmley4
16Richard ShepherdYork4
18Mark PikeVisitor3

Silhouettes ex 20
1Andy CalpinAnston17
2Glynn WaitonAnston15
3Keith GilyardPontefract14
4Paul MonniezPontefract13
4Trevor RyanEmley13
6Dean CorfieldPontefract12
6Chris CundeyEmley12
6Stephen LittlefairThorn Dell12
6Andy MonniezPontefract12
10Paul LawrenceAnston11
11Mark PikeVisitor10
11Phil PriceEmley10
13Chris AsquithAnston9
13Paul MaynardHull9
15Paul CarruthersGuiseley8
15Phil GreenAnston8
15Dave JowettEmley8
18Paul HarbronThorn Dell7
18Mark HurstAnston7
18Ivan MarsdenAnston7
18Glen WalshPontefract7
22Simon HiltonPontefract5
22Richard ShepherdYork5
24Dan GilmartinAnston4
24David LawrensonAnston4
26Steve BowersPontefract3

58 Shooters in attendance
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