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Gentle Peoples of the FT world

Please don't tar all of NZ Shooters with the same brush.

Some clubs in NZ predicted this over a year ago, so we strenuously objected, and were vigorously ignored. We could see that the organization running this were blind to many reasonable observations, and the predicted results have eventuated. The organizers have let us, you and the worlds competition down.

We agreed amongst ourselves that NZ wasn't ready for a Worlds competition, since the sport is so young here. We can barely raise 40 shooters for our own NZ championships, and there aren't any retired shooters available to be marshals/judges etc.

Those organizing the event rejected calls for informational progress reports, and refused to take advice or allow others to provide resource. They seemed to be keeping it all close to chest, for their own reasons. Unfortunately it has bitten them, and we're hoping it isn't catching.

However, it is what it is, we'd hope that this event can stir up better future events. We hope that those who have traveled to this even certainly enjoy themselves and what this country can offer.

And if anyone is keen and in Hamilton, invite yourself around. I'm sure I can find a pesky rabbit or possum to chase.

Waikato Air Gun Club.
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