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This was a little video I made on Day 1 - hope you can see it, it's not easy with sketchy internet.

Day 1 was without a doubt the worst competition I've ever been to! and that was the mood in the video.

Day 2 however has been great - no real complaints, apart from the fact that I would have preferred to finish my last 4 lanes off as I was in the open field section and I'd got the measure of the wind and wasn't missing anything.

I've got 3 more lanes in the open section to shoot tomorrow, then a kneeler in the woods to finish.

Competition is fierce. After day 1, I was joint 1st Springer with a 41 along with a lad from Chile, I don't know how he was doing on day 2, but I was flying. I've never shot better than I did today, and just hope I can carry on like that tomorrow.

Not sure what all the scores are, Leanne has been helping them with the stats so I think she'll probably have a good idea of the results well before they're published. So keep an eye on Twitter.

Johnny C put in a 45 on Day 1, he's 5 down on day 2 with I think 5 lanes to go.
Andrew W put in a 40 on Day 1 and was 5 down at the end of Day 2. I think he has 5 lanes to go also.
Steve F put in 45 on Day 1 and is just 3 down with on Day 2 with 5 lanes to go.
John C put in a 45 on Day 1 and is 5 down with 5 lanes to go on Day 2.
Brian S (Springer) put in a 41 on Day 1 and is 3 down with 4 lanes to go on Day 2.

It drizzled with rain the entire day on day 2 and the wind was moderate and tricky in places. Similar to UK shooting conditions I'd say. Outside kill for everything over 35 yards, the most I've given is about a kill and a half of wind. Some sections have the wind behind you and it switches from giving half a kill on the left to giving half a kill on the right, to going straight down the throat. Not easy to gauge at times. The open section is easy once you have a measure of the wind. It's stronger there, but it's constant and all the targets are set out straight out in front of the line and many are at similar distances.

Shooting starts again at 9am on Day 3 - we finish off our Day 2 targets then have a recess and get on with shooting the Day 3 targets. It'll be tiring but I think we'll do it.

Weather for tomorrow is expected to be sunny but with more wind.
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