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Just a quick update from NZ because I'm knackered!!

Well, I've got to say that after the shambles of day 1 - the Kiwis worked into the night under torchlight and started again at first light to repair, check, double and triple check each and every target and today has been practically stoppage free!

I managed to shoot 88 targets before the shoot was closed for the day due to failing light (it's just past winter here do it gets dark early)

I've really enjoyed the day, and shot my socks off.

I had a splitter that went down and two that didn't - and I'd say the targets are 100% now.
They've bought some walkie talkies and pulled all the stops out and the organisation has been faultless today.

I didn't think they could pull it off, but I'm pleasantly surprised by today.

I've got 4 lanes to go from course 2 and then another full course to shoot - so only 58 targets to shoot. Some have 9 lanes left to shoot, but if it runs as smoothly as it did today I think they'll pull it off.

Competition is tough in all classes - I think it's a credible world champs and who ever wins it deserves to hold the title. The South Africans have been very strong at this event!

Things went silent this morning because the internet in the whole of NZ went down! But Leanne has been tweeting updates through the shoot once it was back.

Still a bit disappointed that the England Team isn't being recognised - I think we'd stand a very good chance of taking 2nd place and making a credible challenge to first place.

Anyhoo - after 88 targets I'm knackered beyond belief so I'm going to have a soak in the Spa Bath and get ready to go out and kick butt tomorrow.
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