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Pellet testing...yawn
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Originally Posted by BDL View Post
Rob have they now called it off completely?

Been waiting to see the tweets and it's silent. I hope they were able to resolve it. It sounds like the primary issue was grinding the Gamo targets to work with the high power and then not testing them. We shoot high power here in the USA as well (20fpe, not 28fpe) and trust me - it's not because we want to limit ourselves. It's because generally speaking the targets don't fare well beyond 20fpe. A 28 fpe .22/.20 etc just kills the targets. Plus if you have to build them to sustain that kind of punishment the settings don't work as well for lower powered rifles.

We have enough reports here of issues and arguments between 12fpe and 20fpe shooters - I can't imagine getting reliability from a target that handles sub 12fpe and 28fpe.
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