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Default Prevent a Future World Farce

I have read with dismay, the happenings of New Zealand World Field Target Championship

I understand that only one representative from each country can vote. This is wrong, every shooter who takes part in shooting within a recognised shooting organisation should have a vote.

Rob has done an extremely good job in his role in representing us all in the world series but unfortunately this farce has proven that this is not good enough, so going forward BIG changes need to be made.

Every country who is elected to hold the world championship should be vetted to ensure they are capable of holding such an event, which in the main comes up to the standards of our very own BFTA rules
I know the BFTA have no say in this as it is the WFTF who organise things, I am using the BFTA as a reference as to how the World Field Target Federation should be run.

The WFTF needs to be ripped apart and rebuilt with people who are strong enough, We as shooters world wide, need to ensure this is done.

There should have been rules in place to guide New Zealand toward a properly organised shoot.

If there were rules in place and there were doubts, then the WFTF should have had the power to stop the event taking place when it was realised that they were not going to be able to pull it off properly.

There should be shooters voted in, As part of the WFTF who have the power to change anything which is recognised as not meeting the criereria set out by the new federation.

Also the new Federation should have the power to vote individuals from each country to hold the responsibility of ensuring that the shoot is properly planned and actioned and these people should be trained and examined on their ability to do there jos.

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