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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
One of the things that puzzles me about this mess is "what do they shoot there that was used to test the targets"
Presumably the targets fall over after local testing.

They do test the targets? Don't they?

You would presume so.

The EFTA were told some time ago, that (and this is as close to verbatim as I can get without copy/pasting from the message) that there was "significant" amounts of interest from outside Europe in the +12ft-lb class, which was aligned to the interest of the event's new sponsor which was looking to promote it's +12ft-lb airguns in the country. It was stressed that this would make up the numbers from low attending European shooters to something close equaling other large world championships. It was then the EFTA started inquiring about the format, how 2 significantly different power limits would be accommodated. We were told there would be two sets of courses, with targets suited to each limit.

In the end, there is one foreign high power shooter in attendance, and 5 from NZ itself. We had inquired about the amount of numbers expected, even suggesting a poll of all the RGB's to save any efforts building 3 high power courses, when they may not be filled.

It would appear, although until we speak directly to our shooters we're not sure, that the shooters are now all shooting the same targets which have been modded to take the high power. It seems that they aren't falling to that, or the lower energy shooters either though.

There was apparently 300 targets delivered from Gamo. 150 were then modded. Perhaps there's some hope of salvaging it with the other 150 targets and explaining to the 6 that they cannot shoot HP, perhaps loaning them some 12 ft-lb gear to shoot with.
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