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Now THAT is funny.

In all seriousness though the WFTF's random rota of host nations, which in now way considers the capacity of the next in line to host the worlds, is clearly to blame. This was an accident waiting to happen.

Next up is Lithuania 2015 and then Malta 2016. Now I've shot with shooters from both these countries in Germany & Italy (both of which put on brilliant comps btw) but then I'd shot with Dave Lum from NZ in Germany too and capable shots though individually they are a host nation needs a certain amount of resources and structures in place to host a successful worlds.

The hosting should be worked out on a weighted basis graded on the number of FT shooters in the country etc. Yes, it should be a 'touring' comp, bringing the sport to new audiences but it should primarily be there for the shooters already paying into the sport. So the USA, England, Wales & Germany given top weighting and hosting most often then the likes of Portugal, Italy, Norway, South Africa, Russia....and say one world's in 10 hosted by a 'developing' nation.
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