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Oh no Brian, that would be a pisser if you'd driven 50 miles, but to have flown to the other end of the earth to shoot it is unbelievable. Chalk it down as experience (you won't forget it in a hurry that's for sure!) and enjoy the rest of the holiday mate.

Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Nah it's ok though Rob.

I only shot 2 lanes - the lane before the chrono and the lane after the chrono - so only 3 shooters actually went through the chrono and got a sticker on day one. As you know rule 5.2 states that all shooters MUST go through the chrono each day, so since they keep telling us they must abide by the rules, by my reckoning everyone else should be disqualified for not going through the chrono.

All I've got to do is beat the other two and I'll have a big trophy to take home from my holidays

hey rules are rules, who am I to argue.
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