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Yup, shooting has been cancelled for the day after stoppages on nearly every lane from the get go.

Even the high power guns aren't taking the targets down!

It's pretty annoying when your first shot of the World Championships when your heart is pounding the most is a 40 yard stander, you nail it but it doesn't go down. 4 marshals go out to check it and all agree it was a clean hit with no splits, then tell you they've fixed it now so under the rules you can take the shot again.

If that wasn't bad enough, they don't have enough non-shooters to marshal the course so the 'target checking' marshals are also shooting the comp and they need 2 of them to go and inspect a called target, which means they have to stop the shoot, locate two target checking marshals around the course (no walkie talkies) then they have to walk to the called target and inspect it.

The targets failed on almost everyone's first lane so the target checking marshals were kept very busy, which lead to a 2 and a half hour wait - before we'd even shot our first lane.

After all that fuss, I shot the second stander and it actually went down!!! Brilliant I thought, trouble was the string snagged and it wouldn't pull up again - so had to call for a marshal yet again.

In the end it took 4 hours to shoot 4 targets, my partner still hasn't shot the 2nd lane.

Now they've called the day off, out scores from today stand and we're to carry on from where we left off tomorrow. It's ok though because we're starting an hour early in the morning so we can finish one course and shoot the next course so we're back on track for the final day.

At least that's the plan

So John is 1 down after 8 targets and I'm clear after 4 targets.

Who knows what tomorrow holds.

On the positive side, it has been funny - we've spent all morning just laughing at the situation, and it's an event I can honestly say is the most memorable shoot I've ever been to, but perhaps for the wrong reasons

Kia Ora
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