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What a fecking farce!!!!

Gamo targets failing on EVERY LANE!!

Started shooting at 10:30, it's 14:16 now and I've shot two lanes.
First lane a stander, 40 yard and 30 yard. My partner shot first, the 40 yard didn't go down but the 30 did.

I came to the first target saw that my partner had the slightest of splits which might have explained it.

I took my shot on the 40 yarder and made a clean hit on the kill, so we call a marshal and wait 20 minutes. Marshal comes checks and says that mine was clean but the other was a split so we can shoot them again as they've fixed the target and it's fine now.

So my partner takes a shot and put a pellet strike clean in the centre and it still doesn't go down.

Turns out this is happening on EVERY LANE.

So we then have a 2 and a half hour wait in the pouring rain while they try to make a decision.

They then say we can carry on, so my next lane has a marker for a kneeling lane so I take the lane kneeling - 30 yard and 22 yard, both 25mm kills.

I thought it was odd because 30yards is too far for a reduced kill kneeler but I take the shot and knock it down - hooray!!! Next target a 22 yard 25mm - I'm the first person to fire a shot at it and I put a clean strike just low of centre if the kill.

So call a Marshall again - 40 minutes later one strolls up and confirm it's a clean hit. But that I should take it again.

Oh I found out that the lane was a sitting lane but the sign was for the lane next to it - 1 foot away!

Now they're decided all the targets are useless and we've been told we can leave the course for a 2 hour lunch while they 'fix' the targets.

Which is going to mean we have an hour of daylight left to shoot 23 lanes (if there are no stoppages)

So now I don't know what's happening, but this has turned out as the poster boy on how not to put on a shoot!!!

I've shot 4 targets in 4 hours and I'm still clear, I think John C has shot 4 lanes and might have dropped 1 - but who knows?
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