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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Rob, i won't quote all your text but well done with the early questions. looks like the goal posts have been moved at the last minute. Maybe they saw how good Bri's score could be with the springer and got worried
The EFTA have continually campaigned for the spirit of competition in FT within the WFTF. We've always asked pertinent questions way ahead of time on each event, and have campaigned to reduce loopholes so that the competition is a fair and level competition. Aside from the enormous amount of time involved in the organisation of sending teams and shooters to each event, this has also been a considerable amount of work on our part.

So come Monday, if that effort isn't recognised, if the spirit of the competition seems lost to me, I'll be standing down as EFTA Sec.

That may seem like sour grapes to some, water off a duck's back to others, but there seems little point in spending time with an organisation that appears not to consider the spirit of the sport to be important. We're not sending that many shooters there, but we are sending what we consider to be a competitive team, and each member of that team was keen to represent England on the international stage, as well as themselves.
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