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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Bit of a blow - the England Team has been disallowed.

We only had 4 shooters to compete against teams of 5 out here, but because I'm a springer shooter I'm not allowed to shoot for the PCP team which leaves just 3 in the team and you need a minimum of 4 for a team so that's the end of team England unfortunately.

Sod it, I'm still going to shoot in my hoodie and hat
Specifically who said that?

I raised this with Andy Kays and Davey Lum (NZ Sec) on the WFTF forum in June.

My question...

Can we have a ruling?

Will a springer shooter be allowed in our PCP Team for NZ? Currently we have 3 pcp and one springer shooter, all shooting 12ft-lb. We can make a team of 4, but before I send out the information and confirmation to the shooters involved we wish to make sure we can enter this team.

Although 5 have registered interest, only 4 will be attending.
A reply giving more information from Dario....

In Norway, both the Spanish and USA national team was also composed by springer, so I think it would possible and definitely is non an advantage to shoot with a springer.

Other way if compete with a pcp in a team springer ..... :mrgreen:

From Dave Lum (NZ)

Technically speaking a team is within a category and across classes, however in the spirit of competition and pragmatism (and not being a ****) I can't see why a springer couldn't join a PCP team.

I should probably check with my fellow NZ govs before I make anymore of a commitment than that.

The question is then, in this specific case, do we just open up teams to be an all country teams event?

So that anyone sending 4 or more can submit a team?

Just a wondering. Be good to hear from El Presidente on the matter.

Andy Kays
Put it this way .... we all "cocked up" again :? The ruling that preceded that which came into effect after Norway stated (if I haven't lost the plot) "Open" and "spring" - therefore no problem. I'd rather see it back to as it was instead of the now "Precharged" and "Spring". Personally, I'm a tad frustrated with the last round of voting (kneeling) and the apathy in which it was received, so I am not particularly enamoured with the idea of circulating another topic. However, should somebody wish to propose a return to Open and Spring classes, I will of course distribute for a vote !
Final reply from Dave Lum


Re: Springer shooter allowed in PCP Team

Postby Dave Lum Sun Jul 06, 2014 2:30 am
No worries with putting a springer in an open class team.
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My reply...

Thanks Dave/Andy

Perhaps an over view of the classes/thingies is in order. However a 66% turnout is far better than we got internally in the EFTA. I'm working to fix that problem so we can be more responsive.
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