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Ah there's only 6 shooting High power,hopefully all the hits will be on the faceplate

Zeroing went well, weather was nice and sunny with a light wind - pick an edge sort of weather.
Reminded me of how the wind was at the ETL GP earlier this season.

John's all zeroed too - he was shooting about 10 clicks high at 55 yards. I thought I was also shooting high but then I realised the boards on the zero range weren't at the marked ranges.

55 yards board was at 51 from where we were shooting and the 50 yard board was more like 45. Once I'd figured that out I'm shooting about right, maybe a couple of clicks high.

Something we did notice was that even though the wind seemed to be left right, every now and then we both had shots that went left by an inch for no reason that we could spot.
But since me and Cozzy were sat next to each other shooting at the same time, it's encouraging that we both had the same impact points.

I'm hoping the wind picks up for tomorrow, we're not seeing 'Windy Wellington' at the moment.

Some very exotic springers out on show including Ray Appelles' semi-recoiless Diana Airking 54 in a BullPup stock and with an Electronic trigger!!! Yup an electronic trigger on a springer!

So it's the opening meal this evening in a couple of hours before the competition starts tomorrow (Thursday 11:30pm UK time)

Not seen Andrew or Steve but I'm sure they'll be out in full England Kit this evening.
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