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Zeroing in day today (it's 6:24am here at the moment)

The course is in a wooded valley which offers some shelter from the wind at least. At the moment winds are light at around 5mph outside of the valley, but the weather is set to worsen tomorrow and the weekend with some rain and probably stronger winds.

I had a walk round the grounds and course with Adam yesterday, looks like they've had their work cut out for them with just 3 people to do the course setting it's taken them 2 weeks of work to set out three 50 target courses and get everything ready for this weekend.

There's only 6 High Power shooters in the lineup, so it wasn't worth setting out 150 extra targets for those shooters and they're going to be shooting the same targets as the 12fpe WFTF class. Adam seems confident that the Gamo targets will stand up to the (upto 30fpe ) pounding they'll get from the 6 HP shooters. Hope he's right.

There's no phone signal in the valley but there is WiFi from the central scout hut, so hopefully I'll be able to get Leanne to post up some score updates and piccy's at regular intervals.
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