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Default no problems til Auckland

Didnt have to show any paperwork at Heathrow. Guy took the cases from us and thats the last we saw of them til Auckland. Collected the guns at the desk and went to Nz police to collect permits, but they couldnt find them. Me and Steve waiting for just under an hour while it was sorted. Got the permits just in time to catch the plane to wellington. Everyone really friendly and helpful all the way through.
Need to get air and find somewhere to set the guns up today.

Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
They looked at the paperwork at Heathrow - only really looked at the letter I got from Air Arms but they didn't have a clue about what they were looking at.

No paperwork needed for LA - they did ask but I avoided the question and they didn't ask again.

I think what I've gleaned from this trip is that airports don't have a clue about procedures or the law, so the best approach is not to ask questions that could have a no answer. Just speak as though it's already been approved by their head office and they eventually just let you go on your way
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