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Default Sussex interclub round 8 results

Cool Sussex Interclub HFT 2014 - Round 8 Results

Hi everyone (again)

Well …. What a stunning and surprising day in the Hawks’ woods and field. Not many targets in the latter and with very little breeze anywhere; but surely enough to catch some out – yours truly included.

A good turnout – especially from the MAD crew from Essex (twice as many of them as from some of the Sussex clubs) – met with some of the most pleasant weather we’ve had all year.

And some very high scores to go with it, topped by our first CLEAR of the 2014 season. Congrats for this go to Chief Hobbit – the one and only SIMMMO. Before anyone asks ….. yes, we did check his card for any signs of unwitnessed/signed alterations

Here are the scores on the doors. Please let me know a.s.a.p. if you spot anything you think is amiss.
Firstname Surname Club Class Score % Badge T(eam)
Andy Simpson Buxted O 60 100.0% Gold T
Rudy Goldslade Oaks O 58 96.7% Gold T
Charles Peal Oaks O 58 96.7% Gold T
Chris Silcock Horsham O 58 96.7% Gold T
Mike Byford Oaks O 57 95.0% Gold T
Lewis Hodges Oaks O 57 95.0% Gold T
Sam Robinson Buxted R 57 95.0% Gold T
Terry Aiken Oaks O 56 93.3% Gold T
Eric Bynum Horsham O 56 93.3% Gold T
Philip Jacobs Horsham O 56 93.3% Gold T
Steve Light Swallows O 56 93.3% Gold T
Bob Pattenden Oaks O 56 93.3% Gold
Geoff Ryder Visitor O 56 93.3% Gold
Chris Tyhurst Oaks O 56 93.3% Gold
Simon Vant Visitor O 56 93.3% Gold
Colin Wilson Visitor O 56 93.3% Gold
Richard Woods Visitor O 56 93.3% Gold
Vince Holland Visitor O 55 91.7% Silver
Alex Larkin Visitor O 55 91.7% Silver
Nigel Wheal Iden Fern O 55 91.7% Silver T
Simon Williams Oaks O 55 91.7% Silver
Barry Blackham Ford O 53 88.3% Silver T
Aaron Friend Oaks O 53 88.3% Silver
Justin Roberts Ford O 53 88.3% Silver T
Anthony Smith Horsham O 53 88.3% Silver T
Mike Burgess Swallows O 52 86.7% Bronze T
Jon Fairman Oaks O 52 86.7% Bronze
Gary Morrison Buxted O 52 86.7% Bronze T
Steve Noakes Swallows O 52 86.7% Bronze T
Pat Fitzgerald Ford R 51 85.0% Silver T
Richard Gallop Buxted O 51 85.0% Bronze T
Steb Martinez Ford O 51 85.0% Bronze T
Justin Rayner Buxted O 51 85.0% Bronze T
Chris Roberts Oaks R 51 85.0% Silver
Nigel Buchan Buxted O 50 83.3% Bronze
Gary Friend Oaks O 49 81.7% Bronze
Jean Greatrex Visitor L 49 81.7% Silver
Simon Whittick Horsham O 49 81.7% Bronze T
Gary Chillingworth Visitor R 48 80.0% Silver
Malcolm Martin Horsham O 48 80.0% Bronze
Don Berrington Horsham O 47 78.3%
Vince Guy Swallows O 47 78.3% T
Alex Noakes Swallows P 47 78.3% Silver T
Laurence Ray Oaks R 47 78.3% Bronze
Nigel Tostevin Oaks R 47 78.3% Bronze
John Turnbull Buxted R 47 78.3% Bronze
Derek Watson Horsham R 47 78.3% Bronze
Spencer Bailey Buxted O 46 76.7%
Kim Lum Swallows O 46 76.7%
Peter Pacer Iden Fern O 46 76.7% T
Peter Epps Ford O 45 75.0% T
Maciek Pajek Horsham O 45 75.0%
Barbara Pearce Iden Fern L 45 75.0% Bronze T
Roy Pearce Iden Fern O 45 75.0% T
Quico Camdea Oaks O 44 73.3%
Nigel Hammond Buxted O 43 71.7%
Bradley Hoelger Horsham O 43 71.7%
Gerry Jellicoe Swallows O 43 71.7%
Dave Pickett Buxted O 43 71.7%
Carla Chambers Swallows O 42 70.0%
Eddie Phillips Ford O 42 70.0%
Dave Standing Swallows O 42 70.0%
Phil Moody Horsham O 41 68.3%
Luke Fletcher Horsham O 39 65.0%
Bob Morris Ford R 37 61.7%
Conrad Wells Buxted R 37 61.7%
John Kirkwood Horsham R 34 56.7%
Bethan Whittick Horsham L 34 56.7%
Graeme Cargan Oaks O DNF

Prize drawer winners today were :

Gary Morrison – the £35 cash prize, and
Nigel Wheal – the Air Arms goody bag

Team scores today and cumulatively are :
Club Round 8 Total
Oaks 286 2228
Buxted 271 2105
Horsham 272 2083
Swallows 258 2048
Ford 253 1976
Iden Fern 235 1734

Iden Fern were unable to field a full team today, so had 1 card drawn at random from the ‘hat’ to make up the shortfall.

Oaks take yet another leap in to the distance from any other team and are only likely to be caught if we can lock the gate on their shoot farm … when they’re all IN there practicing on the 20th September

And finally, today saw the award of two new PLATINUM badges – well deserved and won by :

Sam Robinson (not there to collect it!), and
Chris Tyhurst

Well done, guys.

Happy and safe shooting to you all ahead of Round 9 at Swallows FTC. In the meantime, I expect a bunch of us will be present at Northall next weekend for the Air Arms ‘do’.

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