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Howdo . you have to mix breathing in with your trigger control . shooting over the knee this is what i do . first get your breathing right as soon as you sit down . deep even breaths whilst studying the target in through the nose out through the mouth . natural aligment correct , range finding done . turret adjusted , aim point worked out . when on the target as you breathe , your sights will rise and fall , usually going down left as you breath out and up right as you breath in . so for a centre hit , no wind . breath out , sights go down left . breath in , sights go up right . take up the first stage of the trigger . breath out halfway , sights in the middle of the kill . last look at the windicator, out of the left eye , steady squeeze . if you have over travel on the trigger adjustment . set it short , so that you hold the trigger in as you watch the pellet through the scope till it hits the target . good follow through is esential to marksman ship . luck mate and good shooting . ??? HOLLY
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