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Originally Posted by RAIDER View Post
what chrono? I had issues at ETL as my rifle was over 12ft\lbs not got a problem with the rules or ETL..
I do have a problem with the vast differences with the chrono variations. I had in my posesstion three chronos and all reading different.
1st was BFTA no2
2nd was swefta one like old BFTA
3rd mine the model under the BFTA model now
4th combro cb-25
I found BFTA no2 was highest reading by 10-15 f\s over swefta one and that was another 10+ higher than my own.
I'm getting the lads to bring their chronos to club Saturday to get some sort of average. Although this will not prove that any are correct or not. I know some will say set power low then what ever chrono used will not matter.
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