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More news in from Deben.

There have been a few comments about the new Hawke Sidewinder being 'almost there' but shame about not being 'true mil-dot at 10x mag'.

I questioned Deben about this yesterday as it seems daft not to satisfy all the 10x mil-dot airgunners too.

Well, they've already done it!!

Coming to market very soon is a range of true 10x AND true 20x mil-dot 'Sidewinder 30 Tactical' scopes.

These are not HFT specific as is the 38mm SR6, so they'll suit a wider market but there are two that are ideal:

10x42 fixed

Both feature mil-dots and 1/2 mil-dot 'ties' (small lines) in between the dots on both horizontal and vertical crosshairs, PLUS out at all four crosshair ends is a hollow bar containing full mil-dot spacing and a 0.2 mil-dot scale so you can bracket using these in either axis.

Other than that, the design is as the Sidewinder apart from the reticle having a floating design.

I've seen the reticle design just today and even for a dedicated Specialised Reticle fan like me it looks to be what every airgunner shooting HFT has ever wanted, bar the 38mm obj lens of the SR model. And if that proves to be a success in HFT circles, new reticles will no doubt be introduced to the 38mm model over time, including this new mil-dot.

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