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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Eyup.....we were talking today at the club and were wondering about how many were being put off by the sillhouettes?

If shooters don't want to shoot the sillies then no probs but we were wondering if changing the format might help. Maybe just shoot 20 sillies instead of 40 and score it...

1 point per sillie if shot prone or FT sitting
2 points per sillie if shot kneeling
3 points per sillie if shot standing

This would allow all to participate and would level the playing field a bit against those good at shooting the sillhouettes.

Thoughts please? :-)

BTW, the course is to UKAHFT spec and is on 3 levels/areas and is ready to go for Sunday. Lanes 1 - 10 are in the hft practice course, 11 - 21 shooting down into the gulley and off the car park, lanes 22 - 30 are along the old railway track. If the wind blows it will be fun:-)

BBQ cleaned and the shopping done for the cookies n cupcakes.
Seems a little late to change the format IMO, but hayho, I will take 60 points on the sills any day

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