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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
Out of curiosity, what reticle did you use on the T36? I keep thinking about one as a "poor-man's" Leup Comp but my concern is the reticle and how it holds up on a springer. They are light, have good glass and clicks otherwise. And at least in the USA can be had for $300-350 on the used market.
Hi there, it had the fine target dot (very fine it is too). I had no problems with the scope, they're pretty bomb proof. I regret selling mine, now I use a Bushnell 8-32x40 which is a bit more versatile. I think the Weaver just edges it optically and for range finding though, the turrets are awesome too.

Interesting you should mention the Leup comp, I had the opportunity to look through a X35 and the T36 back to back, the T36 was up there in clarity, just loosing out to the Leup in contrast / colour.
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