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Thanks to all for the well done's ,really means a lot that there's so many genuinely chuffed for you .

Hard luck to berty . you had me on the ropes ar kid but i managed to scrape a few lucky shots together .
Never known pressure like that before ... truly draining , but didn't get to sleep while about 2 am ( must've been adrenalin ) Well done to all the other competitors / winners too .

Too many folk get on these forums & moan about this , that & the other should be done to make our sport better ....... well ive been at it for a while now & can tell you that by & large we've never had it so good . I put this down to the passion from the bfta officials & all the clubs / regions that put themselves out to give us a mega days sport . So thanks to you all .

Lastly , a big thanks must go to the kind sponsors ,napier & rowan that put up the goodies we all drool over come prize giving .

Cheers , calps .
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