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Post Cambridge HFT 24-08-2014 - Results

Cambridge HFT - 24-08-2014

A fairly small turnout today due to the mass's visiting MAD for the Nationals, but we still had a good shoot.

Cambridge rules today, so our loving course setters went to work as normal... with Evil & Vengeance in their hearts... looking to break our spirits... and make grown men cry in defeat..

Such a target was the first on the field, Target 1, 60-70yrds in the middle of the field, on a pole.. and to make it worse... kill or donut. it defeated everyone on the field.. except the young Olly Fleet, who showed us all how to do it. Well now to the interesting bit..

Open Scores

50 Jack Houghton
47 Nigel Fleet
44 Roger Brigham
44 Jonathan Hobbs
44 John Houghton
43 Graham Mason
43 Mike Salmon
42 Andrew Ireland
39 Andy Yates
37 Ralph Currie
35 Ken Philips
35 Paul Bolam
35 Mark Mccarthy
34 Liam Ellis
34 Malcolm Hyde
34 Steve Hermitage
31 Dave George
30 Dave Clark
30 Luke Hermitage

22 Scores

43 Jeff Westley
39 Martin Slain
36 Des Morris
28 Dean Auger
26 Fred Bright

Recoiling Scores

40 Alex Bye
39 Andrew Day
37 Steve Martin

Juniors Scores

43 Olly Fleet
32 Aaron Day
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