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Default Silkaflex update

Sorry for the delay, holidays have intervened. An offshoot of this thread was an experiment with the bedding of an action in Silkaflex.
Having taken the action out of the stock of my son`s SMK 12 I drilled several holes either side of stock and to rear. I hoped to form a vibration absorbing gaskeet. The Silkaflex was covered in clingfilm and everything put back together.
After curing for 2 days the clingfilm was came away easily. I was left with exactly what I wanted;

I compared this rifle with my other son`s SMK 12 and there seems to be a slight reduction of recoil with the addition of the gasket. The tone sounds lower and duller.

Both rifles only shoot at about 7 ftlb and both have tuning kits so they were gentle anyway.

Im encouraged to give it a go on a full power springer sometime. I also think this Silkaflex would be useful for
stocks that might rattle and for the mounting of accessories perhaps..
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