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Default It's Fundamentally different than Chairgun

Originally Posted by Martz View Post
It looks like a charged version of the Hawke BRC (Chairgun)

I'm sure the developer is the same (Harrys Lad?)

Hi Martian,

The developer is Héctor Medina, who's currently living in the US.

Whereas Chairgun is purely theoretical and assumes a constant BC, this program uses the data you input from the 3 distances to break the trajectory down into 3 segments, each with their own BC.

However in the real world, BC is a dynamic value, and is always changing as the pellet travels through the air.

Also, this program takes into account shimming of your scope, which Chairgun cannot.

The theory of this program is very intriguing, I've found it to match my real world clicks well, but can't really see if it matches the wind doping side of things!
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