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Default New FT Ballistics App - Any Feedback on it's Wind Performance?


I've been using a new ballistics program developed specifically for FT shooting. I really like it, but being from Canada, where there's at most 100 FT shooters, I can admit that my exposure to FT is limited, especially in the wind.

It's called PP-Calc

I have met the author, and he's a very technical guy and what I like about this program is that it segments the calculations into 3 separate BCs, from real world data entered at 4 distances (nearest target, zero, farthest target, and 1/2 between zero and farthest).

Fundamentally it's (similar to a curve fitting software, but grounded in Newtonian physics.

Has anyone else been using this, and if so, do you find it accurate with the wind drift predictions? Unfortunately our shooting venue doesn't get much exposure to the wind.

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