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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
In theory yes and an AA or any shooter except C would need at least 2 and at most 3 one pointers to take them down a grade for the year/season.

I think that's where this system falls down, the only people who really suffer are the one's below but as Bri mentioned no-one knows how big this problem is, could only be 10 people in the whole of the UK.

The only way to do it fairly is to issue warning on first one and then take them out of any grade/comps for a year/season and regrade the next year. That way they do affect on anyone but themselves.
Hate to repeat myself. But I will

Formulate a Motion for the AGM. Work with the region Cttee(s), get Rep(s) to support it and have one Rep send to BFTA Sec for the AGM Agenda.

Grades processing need to be defined for BFTA and my guess is each Region decides their own process and policy for intra-regional shoots.

Grades should be submitted by a nominated Region Contact. Region decides what is sent. Grades Officer adds what is sent (0, 1, 100 or something in between!).

BFTA events should have their own policy e.g. GPs, Champs, Inters, Masters and Euros which overrides any regional hosting policy.

For example :-)

BFTA Secretary 2012-2014
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