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Originally Posted by chrispro97 View Post
i go hunting and shoot ft and yes i could do hft but a cant be doing with lying down, i find nikko sterling sniper optics less money a better optic,deben scopes old ones the glass were alot clearer,falcon scopes r very good and less money you no wot im saying,y r all the top hft boyz useing top brand scopes if the hawke r so good its the same in ft and when i go hunting with rimfires matey
I didn't think you shot HFT

I don't really know what you are saying, some of the scopes you specify aren't available new so comparing S/H prices they aren't as cheap as the SR range which is quite popular. Could I also suggest that as a none HFT shooter you know sod all about the requirements of a HFT scope

I do shoot a top quality HFT & FT scopes out of choice & because I can afford to but I certainly don't demean shooters who can't afford or justify the cost of a Leup or for any other reason choose to shoot a Hawke Scope.

Deben deserve all the support WE HFT shooters can give them as they have listened to what shooters want in a HFT scope & are trying to give us a good scope with good lenses at an affordable price.
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