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Default bfta

Its a simple one for me in wafta unless you have a gun problem, or you say at the beginning of the shoot before you start that you dont wont your card to count. If you dont hand your card in you get a score of 1 yes 1 now that will hurt your %
And ALL WAFTA scores go into BFTA for our rolling 20, so by not handing your card in this will also drop you down the GP BFTA grades. Unless there's some grading rules im not aware of, all scores submitted are added.
For me I can only shoot 6 to10 comps a year because of work id be gutted to drop a grade or 2 but id except it and work to climb back.
Also the gentleman in question openly is not a lover of shooting in Wales, openly stating the grounds and course are poor and little competition so why not hand the cards in looking at the % for this day he would have run at about 82% id take that as a bad day after all we dont win them all
Love doz
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