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Originally Posted by chrispro97 View Post
why do people buy cheap tak like hawke etc go for a quality optic like bushnell,leup,nikko sniper or ega bros etc you spend all that money on on a gun and then stick a 50pence scope on top,the scope is probaly more important than your gun,most guns can out shoot us and a good optic when you get one,you should never sell you can never replace a good optic were you can replace a good gun
If you read the whole post you will see that the scope in question isn't actually that cheap, whether it's "tack" we'll not know until we see it.

Do you shoot HFT Chris ?? If so why not come along to the next Midlands hunter shoot at Millride & show all the "50 Pence" scope users how good you are with your "quality optic".......The rest of us could have a sweepstake to see how many Hawke users KICK YOUR ***
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