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Originally Posted by James0807 View Post
Are you sure you understand what parallax error actually is? You say being able to align your head consistently is more important?? That is what causes parallax error, head position differences!


Hi James,

yes I think i know what parallax error is, but maybe I didn't word it very well.I knew what I meant in my head.

Any way, the scope will either have it or not, but incorrect head position means that you dont eliminate it. Now my head hurts!

Interesting post though, to see what everyones thoughts and preferences are. I really believe that some shooters do not learn their scopes well enough or try and adjust out some problems. I have shot with a Sightron for two years now and I am still experimenting with different settings and eye distances.

There are quite a few Timberlines floating about, and I have owned most sizes, and the short mags, and the Fullfield 11's which I like (I have a3x9x40 on my huntiing set up which my daughter brought back on her last US visit).
I also have a Timberline 2x7x33 which is too clear for me for HFT, with almost no PX error and quite bright too.
I also noticed most of the Polish and Czech shooters were using Burris scopes at the worlds, and they were doing ok.

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