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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Hi Hotversion, I'm not sure who told you the Sightrons suffer badly as it is not true. I have heard some people have said that, and then sold them on, but I have found them to be very good and have little error when correctly adjusted. None of the three I have are bad for error, and the ease of which I can line my eye eliminates the little bit there is, but it is crucial to get the distance right from your eye. This is exactly the same as the TAC 30 Hawkes, and they have been criticised too, but you have to pull your eye close as well, and again you eliminate any slight error.

I have tried the majority of scopes including all of the ones you have mentioned, and looked through most others. Yes they have some error as they all do but HFT is about knowing your gun and scope and getting the best from them, as you know anyway. I would try experimenting a bit more and seeing if you can improve things.
To be honest the Falcon is a cracking scope and very useful, and why do you care if a scope id not true midot? A lot of MTC, Tac 30 and other scopes vary from scope to scope, and my sightrons are the earlier 1.2 MD version. They work out better for me as the 45 yard is on the top of the mildot, that's exactly the same as my 10x42 TAC 30, which is really 9.5x not 10.
There is also an art to setting a scope up, and many scopes can be improved by tweaking the ocular lens and the front lens adjustment. Try moving the rear focus slightly from where you would normally think it is right for your eye,and you will be surprised what you can do to reduce error in some scopes. Dont ask me to explain it though, but I picked it up after reading Jim Tyler article a few years ago.

Dont forget that there are more issues with scopes than px error. Being able to align your head consistently is more important, and with some scopes I find that hard indeed. I have sold a few scopes because I didnt know when I was looking down the centre.

Anything that you can PX at 23 yards with and get 1/4 mildot or less of error at 45 yards is better than good, as long as you can line your head up consistently.Most scopes will give you at least 1/2 mildot of error at 45 yards. I am talking each way of course. I have recently moved my PX setting by 2 yards and it has improved my 45 yarders considerably.

I was going to say that their is no perfect scope for HFT, YET! But if Burris fitted a 1/2 mil ret to a little 33mm front end Timberline!!!! Or the Leup 3x9x33 FER came with 1/2 mill ret! LOL.
thanks for the tip Dean,i will try the rear focus ring,Ive played more this year with scopes than ever,optically centering,playing with parallax ect,i need to play with a few more yet,i know all scopes have parrallax error but some deal with it better,like Chris is saying its an individual thing,i even think a screen attatched to the rear ov the scope would be the best idea
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