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Default Never mind grade fiddling ....Don't mention kneelers as well !!!

Let's face it the whole lot needs sorting out ............ that's why I'm nearly out to be honest, I'm just had enough of driving half way across the country for it to be tin pot let alone flying abroad to have my pants pulled down.

It's lost it's credibility at all levels for me I'm afraid to say, you have the few people trying to hold it together but there is an increasing number doing their own thing based on their own agenda.

As a mid AA grade shooter I struggle like Billy O to hold my grade at times due to inconsistent form due to lots of things , no ground to practice hence 160m round trip to practice , work etc etc etc , but when you hear that a certain someone has been doing this it's bo11ocks , that's why I nearly wrapped up fully a year ago I was fuming when I came back from Germany.

It's now not fun anymore , certainly for me anyway , it's become a chore as it's not a level playing field.

Just my thoughts and I might have gone off course with this so what.

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