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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Thoroughly enjoyed the course yesterday and the little bit of wind spiced it up.

That Lollipop stander really stuffed me though! That will be in my nightmares as it stopped me gaining the advantage that I needed for the final placings.A pallet last year and a lollipop this year!! LOL.

Yet again though its a close as it could be for last round of the hunter, and it just shows what a great bunch of shooters we have in the NEFTA league. I did chuckle at Chris C trying to hit the rams on the Sillys!(sorry Chris)
Like it had with all of us, the bloomin wind was blowing him all over the place and pushing the pellets upwards. On the last couple of rams I realised that they were striking half a mil dot high to what they should, but not moving across at all. I dont think Chris could believe it.

I was that knackered I think I fell asleep on the way home for a few minutes. Thanks to the Monniez crew for the company and the lift.

A great day Redfearns. Thank you.
After the pallet of doom last year and the lollipop of dismay this year i think you're one of the unluckiest buggers over the last few shoots of the NEFTA comps.. Not over yet though buddy and as John mentioned.....any one of the top 4 can win it. I'm personally aiming for an Emley 1st and 2nd
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