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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Well I've moved away from Mean and Median onto P Factor and Weighted Fades working on a curve to remove outliers, mostly because this method doesn't affect higher grades and balances out C a bit more over time. It's only in C that you really see so that many outliers, pretty much everyone seems to balance out after they escape C.

The problem with averages is there is no real "one' answer if there's a great degree of difference in the dataset, if there was I'd be typing this from a beach with seven female experts as I would have applied it to stock market shares

The above won't help us with Sans Cardage tho, I still feel we should choose to make it visible to see if it's a problem first.

Not sure about regional and national grades either, I'd kinda like it be as even as possible as I tend to measure against other people in the same grade.
I think with the averages it's hard to judge as in WAFTA I'm currently a B same as BFTA, there is a 5% difference to the BFTA. Therefore AA is 80% here and 85% in the BFTA after yesterday's shoot I'm on just over 81% in WAFTA for the year which is a winter and summer grade, as long as I don't have a nightmare at the last one in two weeks I should then go up to WAFTA AA and BFTA A.

That is as long as my card goes in too lol

With regions having slightly different shoot rules to a GP, maybe it needs aligning throughout not sure if this is best or not. I'm also unsure what all the regions grade fresholds are.
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