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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Morning Bri,

I think the solution is probably to come up with a better way of calculating the %, one that rewards progress rather than punishing you for your past. I'm current looking at the maths on this so I can put a suggestion forward to BFTA. Don't mind telling you it's very complex and a difficult piece of work but it's the kind of thing I like doing.

I honestly think we should see the size of the problem first, starting this Winter League, anyone who signs in and who doesn't hand their card in gets a N/C. This will make them visible, perhaps that would help stop it because right now they are hiding in broad daylight, who knows. Let's see the size of the problem first and then work on the solution.

I love maths, grades and %'s so I have my own sheet to help me head for my target of getting to B Grade by next years Winter League, that last 10% is going to be tough and I'm doubling up by doing both NEFTA and MFTA W/L's because I want to push my starting scores out and be happy with my %. I've done all the GP's and working hard at it, I've done better than I thought I would in the GP's and I'm pleased with my progress.

Anyways, if I think of anything better I'll post it up and to complicate things more I'm starting to think that "dropping" scores doesn't really help matters either.

Hi Martin :-)

Glad you enjoy the calculations side, let me know if you need a hand with any excel or pivot tables as it's part of daily life in my job...

Hopefully you'll crack a solution, I think it's a limited number that need addressing but definitely worth recording as a reference.

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