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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
I know a few that have FAC capabilities, so it's not out of the question... but for FT/HFT clubs it might prove expensive.

But then have they worked out what defines a club?
FT and HFT clubs wouldn't stand a chance. Most clubs in England simply wouldn't have the money for the insurance that would be required for storing say 15 £1000 rifles plus £500 scopes and I can't see Scotland being any different.

When you think that Daystate, with all the security that they had, lost a good number of rifles to a break in, you can see that an airgun club with, at best, a transport container and no on-site electricity and/or comms, would be an instant target for thieves. Many clubs don't even have that level of security. How happy would you be storing your kit in a portakabin or wood shed and that's not even taking into account potential damage from damp.

We could be generous and assume that Holyrood don't understand how most airgun clubs operate but let's face it, even if they come to understand, what chance is there that they'll say "Doh! We've been a bit hasty on this one. Nah, that's okay, keep your rifles, you'll be okay"?

Most gun clubs with powder burner facilities and the storage to match are too expensive to join for most and don't provide the same experience as an HFT/FT club, especially for the younger shooters.

Like I said, the proposals that have previously been aired are pretty much a ban in all but name.
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