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Originally Posted by Steveglass View Post
Pics and write up we're on BFTA site this morning but have since been removed??
The write up was copied earlier mate as I don't have time to post a reply, see Si's post below which makes for interesting reading and debate........

1. Looks like some one is running out of grounds to shoot as it looks like anywhere he has a bad hair doo day he says he won't be back..... I'm sure that will break the hearts of the clubs not.
2. Very very sporting like comments on going down a grade if this in fact is his true objective... Or it maybe he's not AWESIME any longer... Whichever very disappointing indeed from a BFTA grading officer.
3. 4 scores over 30 (Jack 35, Pete 34, John and I 32) not including the two 30...... 37 entered 36 cards submitted nope Si wasn't one of the 30's.
4. Over all a good challenging shoot very well done Quary, the sheep were soon shifted and the course back open not anyone's fault.

Make your own decisions but a very disappointing post rightly removed but as they say nothing's erasable now days!


Original copy and paste from BFTA

Sheep + s..t @ Quarry
on: August 17, 2014, 10:39:00 PM
Been about 4 years since I been to quarry, after today I am hoping it will be another 4 years!

On the positive note:

The rain stopped at 10am as guessed by the met office.

I leanrt about a ripped Roto calf musle?

The Zero range was well stocked and shielded from the wind by the dry stone wall, well mostly.

Not a bad course, mix of ranges (see below) but some of it made a bit of a lottery by the strong winds. In fact I believe only 3 managed over 30 ex 40!

I achieved my Goal of dropping into A Grade in wafta, but missed out on B. Maybe next year lol.

Some people are not able to work this out !!*

Arms dealer and I started on lane 6 as it was clear. Kneelers at 32 + 20m, slight inclined but nothing of note. The 32m one took a full kill of wind lol
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