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Perhaps I wasn't clear. BFTA Grades for GPs set from BFTA events.

National grades do not have to be the same thing - could easily be any score submitted to grading and would include WL and GPs. This would mean a BFTA National Event Grade (more realistic for international events e.g. worlds) and a BFTA General Grade.
Regions or Clubs can use either and is entirely up to them as BFTA has no say in that respect. Download the list they wish to use pre-WL and use those grades. List updated twice a year (I think Grades have been post Champs+Inters for Summer and ten post Masters/Euros for WLs).

Something for a motion at the AGM.

Managing the two different Grades should be straightforward these days as it won't rely on pen and paper but a flag in the database and a simple SELECT.

I am sure someone like Brian Samson could knock such a schema out in a coffee break :-) It would take me a bit longer hahaha
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