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Originally Posted by Baltipal View Post
Not that I'd lose a single shooter from FT but wouldn't it make more sense, given the limitations of what equipment you can get down there, for your blokes to shoot some version of HFT?
Well here's the story Greg,

Down here FT has evolved from a game we used to call "knock downs" that we used to play 25 odd years ago. Back then we used 4x scopes atop Diana 52 and HW77 springers. We basically played the game much like HFT is now played.

As PCP's came onto the market here scopes also came available, but were only imported up to about 16x, but rifles like the Daystate harrier shooting at 28 ft/lbs in .22 became the norm. One did not need a high mag scope to win.

Now whoever wins consistently, sets the tone of the prevalent equipment right?

I came back to the game about 5 years ago in a small way. We had one club operating in one city and numbers were steady but small. They set the tone of what the game was played like in New Zealand.

Over the last 3-4 years we have ramped up the club scene and competitions with the aim of getting involved with WFTF. We have achieved that. Our guys are improving greatly, although getting overseas to compete is a costly exercise. The equipment has been trickling in to us and currently we have a mixture of FT and HFT being shot with air rifles of varying power levels.

Remember that we have no current legal restrictions on what we can shoot or where,.........we have set "classes" so that no-one is excluded from being involved. Open class allows any calibre any power as long as the targets are not damaged......and 25-29 ft/lbs seems to be popular, using 12x and 16x scopes very little clicking is done. (similar to hunter class on steroids) Significant work has gone into target reinforcement at the club where this is most

WFTF rules FT here is growing fast with numbers of dedicated 12 ft/lbs rifles purchased in the last 12 months meaning we will have almost as many shooting "International Class FT" as shooting Open class.

The biggest disappointment for me is that springers are declining at each event we hold.

So our hunter/open class is significantly different to UK hunter FT, as hold over is maybe one mildot at 55 yards.......and wind is almost never a factor. Last year and most of this year us 12 ft/lbers competed directly with the open class shooters. It was hard to be competitive but not impossible. Those who actually did undertake the challenge came out the better for it.

Every Nation has its own flavour to the game. Maybe we are similar to USA in some respects, but we have never allowed straps,slings, gloves, jackets. Only now are we allowing those items (no harnesses) so we know how to use them in future WFTF events. Even USA does not shoot .22 cal at 28-29 ft/ there's a difference too.

But.........I have to say it is awesome fun in open class!

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