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Strikes me that this is a complaint over GP rankings but the problems can be raised from regional events?

Someone could propose:

"GP positions in each grade are based only on scores obtained in BFTA events e.g. Champs, Inters, Masters, Euros and GPs.

Someone can elect to be in a higher grade for GPs but their score for the series decides which class they are finally ranked in at the last GP."

This would mean that regional events with different degrees of difficulty, number of AAs, etc have no influence and regions are free to set whatever rules they wish to for their own competitions within the region (or inter region such as Sealed Not) e.g. a 1 or 0 for not handing in. Either way a WL event doesn't influence GP grading.

It would mean that someone heading up A or B who is really putting in AA scores at GPs is automatically moved to AA, someone having a bad series and with a A or B moves down from AA to A for the rankings i.e. trophies. If it is 5 out of 7 then only those with 5 GP scores are ranked.

The average is continued across seasons so after a few seasons the GP Grade reflects GP performance, their overall grade for any event (done to BFTA rules) is for non-BFTA events.

Removes "ringers" and first GP score is nothing more than an indicator, bit more work for Shaun maybe as the AA, A, etc tabs change. Thrill of the scores being released - what grade are you in after 4 GPs?

A bit more work for a Grading Officer maybe but maybe not - only the BFTA scores matter for BFTA events so quite a lot less through the winter? Or switch to using a database and SQL queries instead of a spreadsheet.

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