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Originally Posted by LittleJack View Post
The top and bottom of it is that a certain someone isn't finding loop holes in the way things work but more like making a mockery of WAFTA and taking the ****. Also it seems to me that it is abusing the power of being BFTA grade officer.
Now, I really don't find it fair that if these scores go in as 1's (which is a Wafta rule) then % drops and ends in lower class'. Which results in taking prize money off real graded shooters.
Not to mention any names Mr Evans if you are trying to prove a point then why don't you find a solution to the problem instead of making the problem bigger, ie hand your card in and bring at it up at WAFTA AGM.
Sometimes I really do not like writing on here, some things are better left unsaid. However, we are all shooters we see each other pretty much week in, week out so why cant we all get on!?!?!?
Little Jack
The scores submitted by WAFTA should be published on the BFTA rolling 20 otherwise it makes a mockery of that too, how else are we all graded.

I would be more inclined to issue a 2 shot penalty on the next shoot if deliberately not submitted

Suggestions on post card please :-)

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